Vancouver Limousine Whistler Bus Frequently Asked Question

[accordion_toggle title=”1. What is Canaccord limousine’s Cancellation Policy?”]Limocan Vancouver Limo Service require 48 – 72 hours notice prior to the reservation time you will be charged 25% of the base + 5% GST on this amount (deposit will be applied to this total). For cancellations 24-48 hours prior to the time of the reservation you will be charged 50% of the base + 5% GST on this amount (deposit will be applied to this total). For cancellations within 24 hours of the reservation you will be charged 100% of the base + 5% GST on this amount (deposit will be applied to this total). This is because it gets very difficult to replace the lost reservation date and time[/accordion_toggle]
[accordion_toggle title=”2. I am arriving to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), where will Canaccord limousine`s driver/host meet me?”]Our driver/host will meet you in the chauffeur waiting area, which is located just after you clear customs and pickup your luggage, but before you leave the secure area. The driver will have a greeting sign with your party’s name on it.[/accordion_toggle]
[accordion_toggle title=”3. What is a “transfer”?”]A “transfer” is where you would be picked up and dropped off with no waits before, during or after the trip. Transfers are usually completed within 1 hour, from pickup to drop off.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=” 4. What if I need to have a limousine on call?”]
In order for a vehicle to be “on call” it would need to be booked for a consecutive period of hourly time.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”5. What is “airport wait time”?”]

“Airport wait time” is a 45 minute grace period starting from the time the clients flight touches down at YVR (delayed flights considered) to when they make contact with the driver. It is the clients responsibility to provide their airline and flight number to Canaccord limousine prior to boarding the flight.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”6. Can my party or I leave items in the limousine, or it’s trunk, during a “transfer” or “split””]

Not during a transfer, but will be accommodated with a vehicle “on call” or during a “split“.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”7. What is a “split”?”]

A “split” is a reservation of 6 or more hours, with 1 split up in between, that is not less than 2 hours and not more than 4 hours.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”8. Is music or video provided during our reservation period?”]

Our vehicles have all the latest audio and video equipment, including iPod connectivity, however, the choice of media is left to the taste of our clients.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”9. Are glasses and ice provided with your Vancouver limo?'”]

Glasses and ice are provided with reservations 3 or more hours in length, unless specially requested prior to the reservation is being made.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”10. Can we decorate the limousine for our special event?”]

Simple decorations are allowed for your Vancouver Limo, as long as the vehicle is reserved for the time it takes to apply and remove the decorations that are provided. Any damage to the vehicle due to decorations are the responsibility of the person who made the reservation. Drivers would be happy to assist in applying the decorations but can not be held responsible for any damage caused by the decorations. You cannot use adhesive tape to apply decorations due to possible paint damage.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”11. If I want to be picked up then dropped of at a restaurant, then be picked up and taken elsewhere after a few hours what kind of reservation should I make?”]

You would need to reserve 2 transfers, as long as there are 3 hours separating each leg of the trip.[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”12. Can we smoke in the limousine?”]

All of Limocan vehicles are non-smoking. We will accommodate “smoke breaks” on “transfers” of over 1.5 hours. This is not left to the discretion of our drivers/hosts[/accordion_toggle]


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